NCC Montage

NCC Montage is NCC´s own company that handles workload peaks and specialist competences in the Scandinavian countries.

The company is an important part of NCC´s strategy to manage the staffing situation and be in control of rules and regulations. NCC Montage also ensures that NCC´s Code of Conduct is followed and maintained.

“Our skilled permanent blue-collar workers form the foundation of our operations. In connection with peaks and requirements of specific competencies, we will as previously need to source additional resources. With NCC Montage we have a defined process to resolve these needs,” says Svante Hagman, Business Area Manager for NCC Construction Sweden.

A pilot project in Stockholm

NCC Montage started up in August 2015 with a first pilot project in Stockholm. NCC Montage is situated in Warsaw/Poland acting on the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish market.

Tommy Bar-Sawme

President, NCC Montage